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Attractively designed, durable and simpler to use range of Collapsible & Sliding Gates, Flag Pole, Metal Scaffoldings, Rolling Shutters and other products…

About Us

We, Shifa Engineering Enterprise, provide products that assure protection and security at the superlative level, with simple maintenance and functionality. Rooted in the year of 2004, we are well established and renowned for our commitment towards customers. We are manufacturer and supplier of Collapsible & Sliding Gates, Flag Pole, Metal Scaffoldings, Rolling Shutters, Automatic Rolling Shutters, Motorized Rolling Shutters and Scaffoldings Component along with this we also provide Rolling Shutter Installation Services to the end customers. Product offered is more effective for the shop or house owners to protect their layout against any intervention in their property. Items offered here are present in a contrasting range of design, shapes and size according to the suitability of location.

There are several modern designs of gates and shutters are available in the market to reduce the manual effect and enhance the security level in commercial areas. Automated functions offered in latest products are easy with user friendly operations. These products are the most economical mode of protecting your property and family along with adding beauty to your estate.

Gates and shutters can be easily operated by a single button only with a help of a single operator and they do not require any special monitoring and supervision.

A Glimpse of Our Business Capabilities and Processes 

Our business capabilities are in complete harmony with our business processes, as the processes are modified mainly due to technological advancements, internal policies and market regulations, but this does not impact our capabilities, rather influence our capabilities in a positive way. We regularly improve our skills and capabilities to continue succeeding in this domain. Listed below are some factors that focus upon our multi-layered approach:
  • We carry out market research to identify the customer requirement and design and develop products accordingly
  • Our capability driven framework includes heavy investment in infrastructure development such as manufacturing and quality control units with technically superior machines
  • Following a quality-focused approach, we undertake manufacturing processes and our overall monthly production capacity of up to 150 Rolling Shutters 
  • Built a team to execute strategies and generate outcomes that are focused on attaining customers’ satisfaction 

Simplicity of Doing Business with Us 

We like keeping things simple, which can be seen in our products and support services. Following self-contained concepts and business approach, we assure a transparent and simple process for our customers through which they can connect with us and purchase Collapsible and Sliding Gates, Flag Pole, Metal Scaffoldings, Rolling Shutter Gear Box, and others according to their needs. Whether it is queries related to specifications of the products or feedback for the overall sales, we attend to each conversation sincerely and make decisions to serve customers better.