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Metal Scaffoldings

Fabrication of high rise buildings and sky touching structures require the use of heavy framework to make construction work easy, convenient and less time taking and this where our Metal Scaffoldings find main use. Workers or laborers engaged in making multi storey apartments, hotels, offices and more use this supporting structure to reach higher altitude, carrying heavy construction materials as well as tools. For easy bearing of weighty loads, metals like aluminum and steel, having high tensile strength are used in the fabrication of Metal Scaffoldings. In comparison to bamboo and timber made, these scaffoldings are much safer to use.
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Metal Scaffolding

Price: 120 INR
  • Supply Ability:200 Ton Per Month
  • Delivery Time:3-5 Days
  • Surface Treatment:Pre-Galvanized, Powder Coating
  • Product Type:Frame Scaffolding
  • Components:Ropes, Boards, Couplers, Tubes
  • Material:Steel, Aluminum
  • Constitute:Base Jack, Brace, Ledger, Standard
  • Application:Structure Pipe, Construction
  • Prop Head:Rolled Head, Angle Support, U Head
  • Pin:U Pin, Line Pin, G Pin
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Construction Scaffolding

Price: 120 INR
  • Constitute:Ledger, Standard
  • Material:Steel, Composite, Aluminum
  • Components:Ropes, Couplers, Tubes
  • Product Type:Scaffolding, Other
  • Surface Treatment:Powder Coating, Electric Galvanized
  • Pin:U Pin, Line Pin
  • Technique:Welded Layher, ERW
  • Prop Head:Angle Support, U Head
  • Supply Ability:200 Ton Per Month
  • Delivery Time:3-5 Days